Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling

The modern, connected systems in your facility require structured cabling solutions that deliver uncompromising performance and reliability.

Smart Companies Need Smart Cabling

"Ensure that your Network Cabling setup suits a full range of your organizations’ most critical needs. Trust Binyod experts to design and implement the most effective systems for your office environment"

Nearly all components of modern business and education, including your security and life safety solutions, rely on a network. From security cameras to access control to alarm systems, the integration and functionality of these components are dependent on a fail-proof network, the backbone of which is structured cabling.

As the infrastructure of your business, structured cabling should be a top priority when upgrading your systems, building a new facility, or retrofitting a space.

Choosing the Right Data Cabling

Choosing the right cable for your facility can have a long-lasting impact on the performance of the technology systems your organization relies on. With a seemingly endless array of options for data cable and low voltage wire, planning for the structured cabling needs of your facility can be an intimidating proposition. This video outlines information on five key things you should consider when planning your next structured cabling project.

Managing Your Data For The Long Term

With decades of experience, DSC knows that not all cabling is created equal and understands the complexities facilities face when creating a structured cabling solution. That’s why we offer custom structured cabling solutions that prioritize speed, quality, organization, and cost. Our approach to structured cabling streamlines the process for our clients and prioritizes the top factors which ultimately affect the reliability of your data transmission.


Reduce Lag, Increase Speed

From maximizing the performance of your applications with increased bandwidth to identifying sources of potential interference, our cabling experts take the guesswork out of structured cabling.


Future Proof Your Investment

We also can help keep costs down over time by helping you choose quality cabling and determine what needs may arise in the future.


BICSI® Certified

Our advanced structured cabling solutions for businesses, schools, and commercial facilities are designed with your specific needs in mind and are installed and managed by experienced, BICSI® certified professionals.

Structured Cabling of All Types & All Spaces


Planning an office move or building a new facility? Let Binyod handle the installation of a structured cabling system that will support various technologies for years.

  • Fiber to Desk
  • Voice & Data Center Cabling
  • Network & LAN Wiring
  • 40G/100G Connectivity
  • MDF/IDF Layouts

Data Center

Binyod helps your organization consider the latest trends in technology to meet your needs. Design and implement the most complex pieces of your critical data center project.

  • Power and Cooling Solutions
  • Raised Floor Solutions
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Pre-Terminated Fiber Solutions
  • Intelligent Software

Fiber Optic

Binyod designs, installs and tests Fiber Optic cabling systems so your business can focus on efforts elsewhere. Let Binyod experts handle projects of all sizes and complexity.

  • Outside Plant Services
  • Single Mode, Multimode and Pre-Terminated Fiber
  • Splicing and Testing Services
  • Trenching and Boring
  • Fiber Runner and Raceway
  • Fiber Jumpers

Power Protection

Binyod can help keep your your data center protected. Safeguard against outages with 3 Phase UPS power protection, fully integrated solutions for enterprise-wide networks, data centers, mission-critical systems, and industrial/manufacturing processes.

  • Maximize Everyday Work Performance
  • Safeguard from Unplanned Down Time
  • Battery Backup Solutions
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Centralized Monitoring Software
  • Power Distribution Unit Strategies (PDU)

Sound Masking

Acoustical solutions for noise reduction in your office environment. Learn about network-based sound masking solutions to aid in increasing employee focus, productivity and comfortability in open office environments.

  • Acoustical Solutions
  • Reduce Speech Intelligibility and Privacy
  • Utilized for HIPPA and HCAHPS Compliance
  • Speakers for Any Environment
  • Smart Volume Adjustments
  • Smartphone App Compatibility

Distributed Antenna Systems

The need for strong, reliable and high-capacity wireless connectivity is a necessity that cannot be ignored. Binyod can help design and install your DAS so you can support multiple carriers and first responder systems.

  • Spectrum Analyzer/Site Survey Grid Testing
  • Passive and Active DAS Solutions
  • Emergency Radio Responder Coverage (ERRC) Solutions
  • iBiwave Design
  • Cellular and First Responder DAS

Paging Systems

Provide real-time information to both employees and visitors across multiple technologies. Binyod can provide cost effective overhead paging and mass notification solutions for any environment.

  • Bell Schedules
  • Background Music and Time Alert Tones
  • Multi-Zone/Multi-Building Paging
  • Building Evacuation/Lockdown
  • Mass Notification
  • Severe Weather Alerting

Binyod Technology Design Services


Meet, Consult, and Understand


Research, Determine, and Recommended


Navigate, Customize, and Implement

A Single Resource for the Latest Technology

In addition, many of our clients choose Binyod as a single resource for their projects. Our methodology, which includes providing a turnkey solution, designing and implementing leading technologies, has benefited many of our customers. This unique approach ensures our customers a successful outcome for their projects.

By working closely with our clients, design firms and other members of the project team gives us an opportunity to assist our clients in looking at the latest trends in technology for their environment.