Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

​What payment method do you accept for international orders? 

TextInternational orders can be paid using verified PayPal accounts or wire transfers. There is a 2% surcharge for using verified PayPal accounts (this is the PayPal currency exchange fee). There is no surcharge for paying by wire transfer.

Do you accept international credit cards? 

We do not with the sole exception being credit cards from Canada. We use a system called Address Verification Service (AVS) to avoid any fraudulent activity and this service is only available for credit cards issued by American or Canadian banks.

You can always use a verified Paypal account or wire transfer for payments.

​How much is international shipping? 

Customs and duties vary from country to country. For this reason, we don't quote shipping for international orders, but we can work with your shipper of choice (DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, etc.) to schedule a pick-up at our office. The best option is if you have a freight forwarder in the United States that we can ship to. Please contact our customer service team if you have any questions.

If an international shipment is refused and/or returned, any taxes, duties, custom fees, brokerage fees, or shipping charges incurred from this return will be the responsibility of the customer.

​Can you provide export documentation? 

Yes. Upon request, we can provide multiple copies of commercial invoices, harmonized system codes (HS Code), certificates of quality, UL certification, material safety data sheets (MSDS), etc.

Do you ship to Canada 

All the time. We use UPS to ship to Canada and you will have the option to see the shipping cost during checkout. If you see anything abnormal, please get in touch with us. Custom requests, such as using USPS, require more specific solutions. Please contact us with any custom requests!

Please note that we ship everything "customs and duties paid by customer." You will need to check with your state regulators on how they would handle customs and duties.

Do you provide any other discounts aside from free shipping? 

For our customers in the United States, we offer a 2% discount if the payment is made via wire transfer or check. We end up paying 2% for credit card fees and we would rather have you keep that money then banks taking it. If you are worried about not being able to get refund in case things go south, we have 100% clean record of refunding all our customers based on our Return Policy.

When it comes to projects or large quantity discounts we work with manufacturers directly to offer better pricing. Project registrations vary from place to place and project project, but they often start at $5,000. Obviously, our ability to negotiate large quantity discounts is limited by the individual manufacturer's willingness to offer such benefits. That said, we are quite good at getting our customers what they deserve!

Please contact our sales team at info@binyod.com to get more information.

Where can I find your W9 form? 

Click HERE to download.

Are the products listed on your website brand new? 

Yes. Unless explicitly stated, all products you purchase on our website are brand new, factory-sealed, and under manufacturer warranty.

What is the process for tax exempts? 

Our system does not charge Credit Cards instantly -- after placing your order, please send us tax exemption certificates via email info@binyod.com and we will remove sales tax from your order!

If your order has already been processed, send the tax exemption certs anyway and we will refund the amount that should have been exempted.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes. With Net 30 payment terms, we accept PO's for government entities, municipalities, schools, and universities.

All other organizations would require approval from our management.