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Meet Our Team

Khudoyor Ortikov
Khudoyor OrtikovCo-Founder

Throughout the eighteen years of professional career, I have learned and experienced a lot. This led me to invest my resources in setting Binyod, an expert IT solutions provider serving Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin.

Information Technology is the backbone of any organization, whether a non-profit, a thriving business or a start-up.  And this is where Binyod comes in! We can help set up IT infrastructure within budget and keep it running the way it should.

1. We hire the best IT people – and save you the trouble

Getting a good employee is never easy, and when you find one, retaining them is equally hard. Ask an HR, they could concentrate better on hiring for core business activities if they stop looking to fill that constant demand from the IT demand. Binyod’s team comprises of Cisco certified experts and technicians who can release the pressure on your HR department.

2. We focus and scale

Binyod IT experts are more effective than hiring an in-house system administrator! The reason for that is our focus and scalability. At the center of our business model is the ability to solve problems as effectively as possible using tools and processes at our disposal.

3. We are proactive

Effectiveness leads to profitability. For a system to be cost effective it is necessary that it works effectively. That is why, at Binyod we design IT solutions with a proactive mindset, which makes our systems effective and reliable. Instead of solving ongoing problems with a solution, we provide IT infrastructure that prevents problems.

4. We understand your problems

Operating at scale for several customers, we can more easily dedicate resources to what you’ll need in the near future.

5. We work in the long-term

Binyod’s business model is based on retaining the customers and establishing a continuous relation Building a long term relation with businesses, enables us to give enough time to work on good ideas both internally and with partners. It enables us to understand our partners needs and create best possible features and products for the market – creating goodwill with current customers and get new ones.

The recent feedback from our customers confirms much of the above, particularly the fact that we are eager to prevent problems before they happen.

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