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Binyod designs the backup and restore solution

Data Backup & Recovery

Data Backup is as important as the data itself. There could be various reasons that can affect the primary data storage. Therefore, it becomes vital to create systems that take automatic data backup. Periodic data backups can be taken on a local storage device or storage for the same can be created on Cloud Storage.

Businesses prefer to use data backup on the Cloud; this protects it from any damage that might happen to the local storage media. Data backup is as effective as the restore system. Binyod can be set up the Backup and recovery system so the business is protected against any data loss and can access it from anywhere, anytime.

Data backup can be as simple as saving a copy of everything on the flash drive. At the same time, it can be as complex as setting up an automatic system to store a copy on Cloud. A system is only effective if it does not involve any human intervention. Binyod can set up an auto backup system for your business. Depending on your budget and complexity, we can design a system suitable for you.

Like mentioned before, data backup is not the only solution, what use is backup if it cannot be restored with equal ease. Keeping that in mind, we design the backup and restore solution. As you do not require much technical proves to backup data, you won’t need to restore it. Our engineers keep in mind the usability of the system.

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