Intro To Apache Server

Introduction: The internet is a enormous web of interconnected devices used on a daily basis. Accessing web pages, sharing files, streaming media, transmitting data and anything that you can think of! But where does all of this sit? It's not on one guy's computer in some basement. Its stored or hosted on a server. A [...]

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Two Factor Authentication Security

Introduction: Today I will be introducing a popular security measure called Two Factor Authentication or 2FA for short. Last time I spoke about phishing attacks and how they can be used against people to steal credentials. Well, 2FA is a new method for securing even further your accounts and systems. Let me give you a simple [...]

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Introduction: We always think of hackers as computer experts that manage to get into toughest systems with couple key strokes instantly. Well, in reality that is not the case. In the world of key logging, it takes time and patience for your attack to bear fruit. Today, I will be talking about key logging and [...]

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Phishing Attacks

Introduction: Mailing letters to people whether it was for sharing information or delivering important messages, would take forever. When the internet was introduced it was capable to send electronic mail or e-mail. It became such an important tool for everyone around the globe. It allowed people to share information in matter of seconds! Along with [...]

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Vulnerabilities: The Know How

Introduction: Today we will be discussing what are vulnerabilities, why are they important and how to deal with them. Let's imagine our computer systems as a system of water pipes in a house. They serve pretty much essential and simple purpose to us but the way they are built is complex. You don't remember where [...]

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Secure Your System (Windows 10 Guide)

Introduction: Today I will be guiding you through how to secure your machines using built in tools and settings. By default, we expect our computers to be quite safe. Unfortunately, this is not the case. We always hear in the news how Microsoft updated they operating system to be more safe or how Apple managed [...]

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Passwords: Keys To The Vault

Introduction: Since the dawn of civilization, people communicated in plethora of ways to exchange information, spread news, send out warning, etc... Passwords as we might know, are deeply rooted into languages and social interactions. Secret phrases were used to send signals of an approaching enemy or to gain access to underworld societies that operated from [...]

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